Terms and conditions


  1. “Service Provider” refers to the entity providing luggage storage services at the hostel in Tallinn Old Town.
  2. “Client” means any individual or entity utilizing the luggage storage services provided by the Service Provider.
  3. “Luggage” refers to the items, goods, or belongings entrusted to the Service Provider for storage.
  4. “Order” means the Client’s confirmed use of luggage storage services.
  5. “Site” represents the website www.tallinnluggagestorage.ee operated by the Service Provider.
  6. “Terms and Conditions” denotes these Terms and Conditions of Service, inclusive of any subsequent provisions, amendments, or additions.

Main Provisions

  1. Acceptance of Terms:
    • By utilizing the Site and dropping off luggage for storage, the Client agrees to these Terms and Conditions.
    • These Terms and Conditions become effective upon the Client’s acceptance at the time of luggage drop-off.
  2. Service Description:
    • The Service Provider offers luggage storage services directly at the hostel location in Tallinn Old Town.
    • The Service Provider does not use any third-party providers for luggage storage services.
  3. Client Registration:
    • Clients are not required to create an online booking. They can drop off their luggage directly at the hostel.
    • Accurate and up-to-date information must be provided by the Client at the time of luggage drop-off.
  4. Client Rights:
    • Clients have the right to use the luggage storage services upon drop-off.
    • Clients can cancel their service before payment is made at the time of luggage check-out.
    • Clients can contact the Service Provider with questions and receive a response within a reasonable time.
  5. Client Responsibilities:
    • Clients must provide accurate information at the time of luggage drop-off.
    • Clients must pay the agreed fee for the luggage storage services either by cash or card when checking out their luggage.
    • Clients must not store prohibited items (e.g., valuables, perishable items, dangerous goods).
  6. Service Provider Rights:
    • The Service Provider reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and will notify Clients of such changes via the Site.
    • The Service Provider may refuse to accept luggage if the Client violates these Terms and Conditions or if prohibited items are detected.
    • The Service Provider can cancel the service under unforeseen circumstances.
  7. Service Provider Obligations:
    • The Service Provider will ensure the availability and proper functioning of the Site.
    • The Service Provider will provide necessary conditions for the use of luggage storage services.
    • The Service Provider will maintain confidentiality of the Client’s personal data except where required for the provision of services.

Booking and Cancellation

  1. Service Process:
    • Clients drop off their luggage directly at the hostel for storage.
    • Upon dropping off the luggage, Clients will receive a confirmation of their order.
  2. Payment:
    • Clients can pay for the luggage storage services by cash or card when they check out their luggage.
    • Payment is required at the time of luggage check-out.
  3. Cancellation Policy:
    • The Service Provider may cancel the service under certain conditions, such as unforeseen circumstances.


  1. Luggage Storage Fees(One luggage):
    • All day (12 hours): 5 euros
    • Up to 24 hours: 8 euros
    • One week: 50 euros
    • Other prices can be negotiated.

Prohibited Items

  1. Prohibited for Storage:
    • Items worth more than €1000, precious metals, banknotes, narcotics, plants, animals, weapons, technological devices, perishable goods, and hazardous materials.
    • The Service Provider will not accept such items for storage, and Clients must not attempt to store them.

Luggage Security

  1. Responsibility:
    • The Service Provider is responsible for the security of the luggage during the storage period.
    • In case of loss or damage to the luggage, the Service Provider will compensate the Client unless the loss or damage was due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g., natural disasters).

Force Majeure

  1. Relief from Liability:
    • The Service Provider and Client are relieved from liability for failure to fulfill obligations due to force majeure events (e.g., natural disasters, war, strikes).

Dispute Resolution

  1. Resolution Process:
    • Disputes will be resolved through negotiations. If unresolved, disputes will be submitted to the relevant court in Estonia according to Estonian law.